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All the relationships we have with the musicians around the world, and the close collaboration with our endorsers and ambassadors, allow us to develop a high-end range of accessories with the same level of quality as for our instruments.
From designing to manufacturing the end product, each step of the process is carried out, tested and approved by the artists and skilled workers in the Buffet Crampon workshops in Mantes La Ville.Icon bells allow the player to explore different sonorities without changing their instrument. Attention has been focused on the ICON bell’s profile and its acoustic characteristics.

Developed by Buffet Crampon, the shape of the ICON bell is narrowed at the midpoint and the base is ringless. The flare has been specifically redesigned to optimize projection of airflow. Beautifully produced with a choice three of finishes –gold, silver or black nickel – for the top ring, the ICON bell will help enrich your sound palette.

The ICON bell offers a highly centered sound which facilitates tone production. The upper register is particularly fluid and the low tones are rich and powerful.
With its slender lines it weighs some 30% less than a traditional bell. At Buffet Crampon every bell in the professional clarinet range is selected before being stamped, in order to guarantee the best performance for each model. The quality of the wood is an important factor in the sound, which is why we recommend that you choose your bell the way you would choose your instrument. The choice of top ring finishes is important for finding the best acoustical combination, in addition to an aesthetic choice.

silver plated​
F34075AG BELL ICON 105.5
gold plated
F34075AU BELL ICON 105.5
​black nickel plated
F34075NIN BELL ICON 105.5

Reference numbers:
64mm length:
Wood: F34022AU (Gold), F34022AG (Silver), F34022NIN (Nickel)
GreenLine: F34022AUG (Gold), F34022AGG (Silver), F34022NING (Nickel)
65mm length:
Wood: F34021AU (Gold), F34021AG (Silver), F34021NIN (Nickel)
GreenLine: F34021AUG (Gold), F34021AGG (Silver), F34021NING (Nickel)
66mm length:
Wood: F34023AU (Gold), F34023AG (Silver), F34023NIN (Nickel)
GreenLine: F34023AUG (Gold), F34023AGG (Silver), F34023NING (Nickel)
67mm length:
Wood: F34024AU (Gold), F34024AG (Silver), F34024NIN (Nickel)
GreenLine: F34024AUG (Gold), F34024AGG (Silver), F34024NING (Nickel)