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Artist Alpha Marimbas

At first sight, the visual energy of Alpha Series captures your attention – the design’s flowing lines and uninterrupted curves draw you towards the instrument. After playing the keyboard for a few moments, the advances made possible by the new Alpha tuning method are apparent – the open, resonant, and full sound of the instrument sets a new benchmark for quality.

The newly developed Alpha tuning method allows Adams’ master tuners extremely precise placement of overtones. The Alpha tuned keyboard is perfectly balanced and resonant throughout the range, with the best in tune bar possible. Adams’ exclusive, proprietary computer assisted tuning method allows the lower register of the marimba to be tuned through a sixth overtone. These meticulous efforts create stable, in tune pitch that projects with warm and clear tone.



Range: 5 oct. C2-C7
Bars: Rosewood 72-40 mm
Pitch A: 442 Hz.
Frame: Voyager
Length: 255 cm
Low end: 106 cm
High end: 50 cm
Height adjustment: 88-108 cm


Range: 4 1/3 oct. A2-C7
Bars: Rosewood 67-40 mm
Pitch A: 442 Hz.
Frame: Voyager
Length: 213 cm
Low end: 92 cm
High end: 50 cm
Height adjustment: 88-108 cm


Available colors

The Alpha Series Marimbas are available in 12 different color combinations. The wooden frame colors to choose from are: Graphite, Walnut and Whitewash (left column).
The resonators are available in: Black, Desert and Satin gold (right column).